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2015年冬薪ストーブシーズン Wood stove season

Because temperature dropped suddenly from 14th November, It was begun to burn firewood with the wood stove.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-11-20 23:26 | 薪ストーブ
2014煙突掃除 Chimney Cleaning

Before firewood stove season, I had done annual chimney cleaning. Three fourth grade students had been newly assigned seminar are active.


In chimney cleaning, Mr. Y became handsome with soot on the face. Wild, is it?.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-11-01 20:51 | 薪ストーブ
by ecoism-toshi | 2014-06-12 09:56 | 薪ストーブ
薪割りワークショップ Wood-splitting Workshop






3.初心者には使ってもらう斧は柄が強化プラスチックでできているFiskars/X25 Splitting Axeを使うべし。お気に入りのソマウド1500を折られてしまった(涙)。

ちなみに、この薪割りワークショップの様子は明石ケーブルテレビ ACTV135で放映されるそうだ。

The wood-splitting workshop using thinned wood in Akashi Park was held by Hyogo Park and horticulture association, NORITZ CORP., and Akashi College of Technical. I am relieved to be able to complete without injury with good weather. It was the first attempt, it is trial and error is necessary in the future.
The lessons of wood-splitting workshop are written below.

1.Wood-splitting workshop with massively multiplayer beginners is unreasonable.
Since wood splitting is scary at first, adrenalin comes out of it. Thereafter, it will become the high tension in the interaction, dopamine come out when you can split wood.
It becomes dangerous tension a little with population. It is distinguished for event, but it is hard to control.

2.Individual guidance is needed for wood splitting
While swing scary the axe is no problem. As you become more accustomed, you started swing strongly axe without being able to control axe head. This time is dangerous.
40 persons and one lecturer were slightly impossible plan. It may be available if students growth until serving as lecturers role.

3.Fiskars/X25 Splitting Axe the handle is made of reinforced plastic for beginners use. Somaudo 1500 was broken which is my favorite (tears).

It seems that participants enjoyed, the management side felt uneasy. Appearance of this wood-splitting workshop is broadcast on cable TV Akashi ACTV135.
by ecoism-toshi | 2014-05-25 09:46 | 薪ストーブ
薪割り男子 Wood splitting Boys
元野球部主将 体育会系男子のN君は最近、和斧がお気に入り。和斧は柄が長く、ヘッドが軽く、刃厚が薄いので薪を割ると言うよりも切り裂くイメージに近い。今年の5年生で、今最も割れる男子です。ただ、女子に見られていると平常心を失い、手元が狂うようです。

Recently, Mr. N who is original baseball team captain and athlete boy likes Japanese hatchet. The handle of Japanese hatchet is long, its head is light, and edge is thin and sharp, using it is close to image cutting firewood than splitting firewood. In the fifth grade, he is best firewood splitter now. Just lose of mind and fail when he is seen by the girls.


Mr. H who is motor nerve’s good handball captain, but his body fluctuates because body trunk is weak. Body trunk becomes strong, handball also prove to be well.


Mr. R is 4th grade and track field athlete deployed section to splitting firewood club from this week. He've been fighting with thick wood for four days.


Teacher O is today special guests. It seems to be of wood-splitting after 40 years.


You never forget your own trade. The photo is his smug face, when it is just split.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-17 19:30 | 薪ストーブ
薪割り女子 Wood Splitting Girls

Order to make firewood wood with thinning wood from Akashi Park supplied in large quantities, every morning, woods are split at NITA wood-splitting dojo. Recently, two wood-splitting volunteer girls are participating. Wood-splitting is not only power, wood-splitting girls might be better "firewood woman" than man if they practice hard.


It is cool, isn`t it. Wood splitting and Iaido (art of drawing the Japanese sword)
have many common features.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-15 18:19 | 薪ストーブ
公園の伐採樹木 Wood at Park

Park director asked me “Do you need wood for wood stove?” So we went to the park to see wood. Since Bio Diesel Track cannot be used by the failure considered to be a clog of fuel filter unluckily, we drove Serena. Tree species are oak, camellia, quercus phillyraeoides and etc. which are goods as firewood. They are treasure for wood stove user. There are about 6 years firewood used at ANCT.
Although the park director said “Mottainai” to throw away and put a waste disposal cost. I would like to consider the effective method to use.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-07 10:36 | 薪ストーブ
伐採作業 tree trimming
 学内の工事に伴い木(カイズカイブキ2本 樹齢45年)を伐採することになったが、伐採に必要な予算節約のため伐採をお願いされた。学生と朝活の時間を利用して伐採し、薪ストーブの燃料にすることにした。カイズカイブキは表面の形状が入り組んでいて、樹皮に砂などが入り込んでいるので、地面近くを伐採するとチェーンソーの刃が直ぐにダメになる。一本を倒すとチェーンソーの刃にヤスリを掛けないと切れなくなった。

It is necessary to cut down two Kaizukaibuki 45 years trees due to the construction of ANCT campus, I was asked the job because of budget shortfalls needed for logging.
It cut down with the students using the time of morning activity, and decided to use fuel for a wood stove. Since the form of the bark of Kaizukaibuki is complex, sand etc. have entered into the bark, and shortly after cutting down near of the ground, the edge of chain saw becomes useless. Whenever it cuts down one tree, it is necessary to rub the edge of chain saw with file.


The wood-chopping practice materials have prepared in this season. "First of all, I will show a sample."

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-02-05 17:10 | 薪ストーブ

The trees (Kaizuka, Bayberry) cut down in ACNT campus were carried in the stock yard.
Wooden trunks and branches are cut in the size included in a wood stove for burning. Cutting branches in the size included in a wood stove requires time and effort.
It is carrying out by human-wave tactics.


When there are too many branches, these are deposited and eaten by Drone beetle to decompose. If these are loaded so that Drone beetle's larva can eat, a compost layer about 10 cm thick is made in one year.

by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-20 19:14 | 薪ストーブ
2013年薪ストーブシーズン Wood stove season in 2013

Because temperature dropped suddenly from yesterday, It was begun with the wood stove to burn firewood from November 12th, two days earlier than last year.

by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-12 14:16 | 薪ストーブ

    平石年弘   明石高専建築学科教授 クライマー 父親・夫としての体験記
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