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スルメ Dried Cuttlefish

The dried cuttlefish got from NPO which was working together at Tohoku stricken area was brought back to Wkayama, and roasted and ate with the hibachi.
It looked back upon the occurrences in 2013, baiting a dried cuttlefish.
It passed in twinkling of eye.


by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-31 18:10 | その他
レンコン堀大会  Digging lotus root tournament

I participated in digging lotus root tournament of Nishijima irrigation pond with 11 students. Long boots, long gloves, shovels and hoes for lotus root ditches, and buckets were carried with human trailer to Nishijima irrigation pond.


The places dug last year are puddles, so lotus root is not in puddles. There are lotus roots in the place with lotus withered stalk without puddles.
How to dig lotus root are showed in following.

1.Dig a hole of 50 ~ 60cm depth which you can be in it.
2.Create a dike to prevent water of puddle with soil dug.
3.Widen the hole in the side to hit the lotus root.
4.Go to expand the hole along the lotus root.
The lotus root digging needs physical strength match.

There will also supply oxygen to the effect of sediment soil by digging. If you could use sludge for fertilize, it is ideal.


We entered in lotus moat tournament to compete length of the edible portion, and Mr. N had got 5kg rice in second place. I have missed the championship. Next year, let's aim to win.

There is also a saying that thanksgiving to the people of working for conservation ponds, and it is continuing. I ate a baked sweet potato and tempura lotus root. The lotus root is different type of commercial, and thin, but the lotus root is delicious and tenacity.


It's fun digging lotus root tournament if possible by implanting the lotus root also Eigashima dish pond. Because Trachemys scripta eat all buds of lotus, it is necessary to reduce the number of Trachemys scripta before implanting the lotus root.
by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-23 19:34 | ため池
江井ヶ島地区ため池ワークショップ Eigashima irrigation ponds workshop 

It has been seven years since the preservation activities of Eigasima irrigation ponds were begun. Compared with the situation of irrigation ponds which blue-green algae occurred and bad smell had generated, it has improved now and reed and bulrush which transplanted to the irrigation pond grew thick.


When students enter into the group of irrigation pond administrator with many elderly people, it will become the atmosphere of grandfather and grandchild, the atmosphere will be softened. By participating in a workshop, the student can know the difference in the view between generations, and the present condition of irrigation ponds.


I would like to realize at least one idea which came out in the workshop by ourselves, without requiring of governmental agency.
by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-22 19:41 | ため池
第2回高砂海浜公園をゆる〜く語る会 2nd meeting discussed about future of Takasago Seaside Park

2nd meeting discussed about future of Takasago Seaside (Mukoujima park) was opened in the old private house "Takasagoya" at Ginza shopping center in Takasago Takasago-cho yesterday (December 11th). This time, 4 fourth grader students and 1 fifth grade student were participated.


The conclusion first of 1th meeting and the feasibility study of the last proposal are explained first of all. Then, the idea was shared by the world cafe system about "what park of Mukoujima park and its circumference aim at future"


25 participants leave memos on the paper and turn around four tables. Since there are many opinions referred to as making young people like to gather in the Mukoujima park, it is useful that the students feeling can be reflected. It is a good stimulus that discussed with people of different age and position also for students.


After the meeting, we looked around Takasagoya. Since there was no insulation on the roof, it is the foppish space but it seems to be hot in summer.

by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-12 07:47 | 教師の仕事

    平石年弘   明石高専建築学科教授 クライマー 父親・夫としての体験記
by ecoism-toshi
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