メーデー International Labour Day

Today is a holiday of International Labor Day in SriLanka. I had seen the parade near APCAS office. Costume of each workers (red turban fishermen with loincloth) and the banana plantations workers with banana float were walking. I could not understand what they request in Sinhara, but the atmosphere was like a festival.


# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-05-01 22:46 | 旅の記憶
堆肥化実験 Composting in Sri Lanka

I've been collecting the thermometers to dig up a pile of compost embarked on March 13th at compost facility Kaduwela. Compost of 20 cm depth has turned white in the actinomycetes on favorable terms to both temperature and oxygen concentration from the surface, but the temperature is high internal but decomposition was delayed by lack of oxygen. Today, I had planned to make a pile of experimental compost with corrugated pipe, but the round loader (BobCat) has failed, it's in need of repair, but can not even repair by power outages. Things do not proceed as scheduled in Sri Lanka. Tomorrow because it is May Day, the start of the compost experiment at two days later.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-30 22:42 | 被災地・国際支援
採用面接 Job interview in SriLanka

This time, I did job interview for employ a manager of this project. The answer said, "Turn up the salary or present memorable thing" is returned to the question to say "What to do, if you want to increase motivation of the team?" The answer would be NG in job interviews in Japan, or I should judge who is a honest person in Sri Lanka.
It was scheduled for two interviews, but one person did not show up. It's tropical, isn’t it.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-30 21:38 | 被災地・国際支援
運び屋 Courier

I'm carrying 22 corrugated pipes to Sri Lanka for composting experiment.
A bunch of pipe was transported to Itami Airport by one box car from Akashi. It was not accepted as deposit luggage, so I send to Narita by JALCargo.
I went to receive it at the office of JALCargo second terminal north 500m with a cart at Narita Airport. When moving upright cart, since it hit the ceiling, it is changed to horizontal.


Because I was carrying a large mysterious luggage, the question is asked several times, then arrived at the counter of Sri Lankan Airlines finally.
I was worried because it was refused as deposit baggage in JAL, to be or not of being turned down even SriLankanAirLines, but, successfully completed check-in. It was heavy, it was good to train body.

UL455便は何時もの様に30分遅れだそうだ。スリランカ航空のULはUsual Lateの略だそうな。

Also at Colombo airport, I would be heckled.
UL455 Flight late 30 minutes as usual. UL means Usual Late.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-28 11:52 | 被災地・国際支援
ツリーハウス Tree House in SriLanka

Unlike tree house of recreational is made in Japan, the tree house in Sri Lanka, has been built for practical purposes. In order to protect the crops from wild animals, it has been able to make in order to sleep during night in the middle of the field.


Unlike tree house of recreational is made in Japan, the tree house in Sri Lanka, has been built for practical purposes. In order to protect the crops from wild animals, it has been able to make in order to sleep during night in the middle of the field.


Beast harm has been increasing also mountainous areas of Japan, but the offense and defense are close to each other in Sri Lanka is surrounded by tropical jungle.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-27 08:43 | 旅の記憶
コラボで地域貢献 The social contribution in collaboration

I've been with 16 students who are one advance course student, seven fifth grade students, three third grade students and five second grade students in "Forest of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Takamikura" CSR Project in collaboration with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Co., Ltd. . We planted a total of 150 trees which are 50 each maple, cherry and bayberry near the promenade of Ichinoike Park lost trees by forest fire in January 2011. Because sterile land in the overharvesting of firewood to be used for originally salt marsh, survival rate is even lower planting seedlings of this mountain area. This time, we brought 25 sandbags of compost which we made in Akashi Kosen to the plantation area with backpack carrier.


First of all, we heard the lecture of tree planting by Kakogawa Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Promotion officer.


They were divided into 3 Groups planting tree species of each. It was a hard time to dig holes with many stones and root of bamboo grass.


After we had dug a hole, planted the seedlings carefully while mixing soil and compost. Seedlings grown with rich soil in the pot, the root will not stretch the around where is no nutrition. When the root is not stretched for absorption capacity of water, seedlings could not survive in dry and hot summer.


After group photo was taken at all, we have finished working.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-19 15:07 | 教師の仕事
薪割り男子 Wood splitting Boys
元野球部主将 体育会系男子のN君は最近、和斧がお気に入り。和斧は柄が長く、ヘッドが軽く、刃厚が薄いので薪を割ると言うよりも切り裂くイメージに近い。今年の5年生で、今最も割れる男子です。ただ、女子に見られていると平常心を失い、手元が狂うようです。

Recently, Mr. N who is original baseball team captain and athlete boy likes Japanese hatchet. The handle of Japanese hatchet is long, its head is light, and edge is thin and sharp, using it is close to image cutting firewood than splitting firewood. In the fifth grade, he is best firewood splitter now. Just lose of mind and fail when he is seen by the girls.


Mr. H who is motor nerve’s good handball captain, but his body fluctuates because body trunk is weak. Body trunk becomes strong, handball also prove to be well.


Mr. R is 4th grade and track field athlete deployed section to splitting firewood club from this week. He've been fighting with thick wood for four days.


Teacher O is today special guests. It seems to be of wood-splitting after 40 years.


You never forget your own trade. The photo is his smug face, when it is just split.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-17 19:30 | 薪ストーブ
薪割り女子 Wood Splitting Girls

Order to make firewood wood with thinning wood from Akashi Park supplied in large quantities, every morning, woods are split at NITA wood-splitting dojo. Recently, two wood-splitting volunteer girls are participating. Wood-splitting is not only power, wood-splitting girls might be better "firewood woman" than man if they practice hard.


It is cool, isn`t it. Wood splitting and Iaido (art of drawing the Japanese sword)
have many common features.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-15 18:19 | 薪ストーブ
大塚国際美術館 Otsuka Museum of Art

Otsuka Museum of Art which my eldest daughter became a student of the College of Art would like to go. We went to there with my family, when she came back to home.
To see in one day Western painting of more than 1,000 get tired is on display at ceramic plate. Because it has been restored to ceramic plate, it is possible to touch closer to painting. It is preferable to not have heavy atmosphere of the museum in general. Fresco of Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo near the entrance is the best part.


After participating in the guided tour by art volunteers, was appreciation ancient, medieval, Renaissance, baroque in 2 hours from 10:30, and next tour was watching modern, contemporary in 2 hours from 13:15 across the lunch. I was tired when you appreciate the painting for four hours a day.

                The Scream of second son.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-04-08 11:04 | 父親・夫として
リーダーシップ Leadership

I have been living relatively freely, but social responsibility is more when I became the late 40s, work to start something new in the organization has increased. To everyone of such difficult it around, I leave to introduce three books recommended. It does not mean that you can run it just because you've read, but the attitude should address the problems you are facing were written.



# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-18 15:52 | 読んだ本・見た映画

Although Cathay Pacific Airways was used this time, there were stop places which are not appeared on the reservation sheet. Getting on and off are troublesome.
The outward trip is Kansai Airport > Taipei > Hong Kong > Bangkok > Colombo and outward trip is Colombo > Singapore > Hong Kong -> Taipei > Kansai Airport. I had to wait at waiting room twice on each way.
I will fly to Tokyo and ride on the direct flight of Sri Lankan Airlines next time.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-16 16:24 | 被災地・国際支援
通気孔 Oxygen supply hole

In order to extract a pipe from the compostpile which prepared to make vent hole the day before yesterday, we went to the composting site of Kaduwela.
Extracting the pipe is a little bit hard, but the extracted marks remained finely as a vent, without collapsing.If you use this method, you need time and effort to extract pipes, but vents can be made with few pipes.


By the old method, the temperature of the compost rose and stopped to 40℃ until turning back, but since the return compost was mixed, the temperature of depth of 30cm from the surface had already risen to 70℃.
Since the vent was made, the internal temperature should also rise from now.


The pipes were inserted in a compost pile made only staff of compost site yesterday.
They have motivate which is going to improve. It is good news for me.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-15 21:02 | 被災地・国際支援
バイオガスプラント Bio Gas Plant

It is high-temperature whole year, so microbial activity and efficiency of biogas plant is high in Sri Lanka.
In the plan of this project, high quality kitchen garbage from first class hotel will be used to food for swine and make methane and liquid manure from feces and urine using the biogas plant. Methane is used for cooking and liquid manure is returned to farmland.
I have seen the submarine type biogas plant (capacity about 15m^3) which is working at a hotel in Sri Lanka.


The kitchen garbage of 250kg/Day can be thrown in the plant which is without grinding.


The hotel staff said that two cooking stoves lots can use for about 3 hours per day.


I also had seen the same system biogas plant under construction in a market. Two sets tanks have connected. I do not understand whether you can do extraction of solid residual substance as maintenance.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-15 14:01 | 被災地・国際支援
アオショウビン White-Throated Kingfisher
 コロンボ市内のNPO法人アプカス スリランカ事務所の庭でアオショウビンを見ることができた。都会だが木が多く、生物も多い。まだ、会っていないがオオトカゲもいるそうだ。

I saw a white-throated kingfisher in the garden of NPO APCAS Sri Lanka office in Colombo. Yet, I have not seen, but also big lizard is living.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-13 22:48 | 生物
スリランカでの生ゴミコンポスト化 Composting garbage in SriLanka
  スリランカでの生ゴミコンポスト化事業が動き始めた。Low cost, Local, Low impact to environmentな技術を提案し、夏には学生にも参加してもらって、スリランカでのごみ問題解決に貢献したい。今回は、何が使えて、誰がキーパーソンで、どれだけやる気があるのかを調べ、下準備するためにスリランカにやってきた。こちらから提案できるコンポスト化技術も一つ試して見ることにした。

Our garbage composting enterprise started in Sri Lanka.
I would propose Low cost, Local, and Low impact to environment technology, I would also get students to participate in summer vacation, and contribute to solve garbage problem in Sri Lanka. In this time, I came to investigate what could be used for composting, who was a key person, and how is motivated.
 It also try to one composting technology which can be proposed and to see it. The problems of this compost site has not adjusted moisture content and supplied oxygen.
 Kitchen garbage and return compost were mixed for decreasing moisture content, and insert pipes for air rations. They will draw out, after placing for one day, since pipes has few holes.
 Since the pipe for air ration used in Japan was not found in Sri Lanka. I will carry next time. It is needs to give an incentive which workers want to classify plastic garbage.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-12 22:49 | 被災地・国際支援
公園の伐採樹木 Wood at Park

Park director asked me “Do you need wood for wood stove?” So we went to the park to see wood. Since Bio Diesel Track cannot be used by the failure considered to be a clog of fuel filter unluckily, we drove Serena. Tree species are oak, camellia, quercus phillyraeoides and etc. which are goods as firewood. They are treasure for wood stove user. There are about 6 years firewood used at ANCT.
Although the park director said “Mottainai” to throw away and put a waste disposal cost. I would like to consider the effective method to use.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-07 10:36 | 薪ストーブ
竹採り物語 Bamboo-up story

As a collaboration CSR project with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Co., LTD, we made bamboo name tag attached to young trees which will be used for afforestation of Takamikura woods of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
One advanced course student, one fifth grade student, four fourth grade students, and four first grade students are participated. Male students had logged and cut bamboos.


The first grade female students divided into six using a bamboo rate machine.
It is fan when it gets used to.


The paragraph of about 170 bamboos was removed, and sharpened the point by all the members


Although it seems that the arm was tired from shaking machete to which it does not get used. They were working happily.
Trees will be planted near Ichinoike park on April 19th 2014 next time.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-03-06 08:55 | 教師の仕事
アオサ回収用リヤカー Special trailer for collecting sea lettuce

After collecting sea lettuce to shopping baskets at Takasago Seaside Park, in order to carry these to the composting site, the special bicycle trailer was made.
The balloon tire were imported from the United States which attached to a commercial bicycle trailer at the training factory of ANCT.
I asked a student to experiment of usability. I hope it will serve very well.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-02-05 19:27 | 堆肥化
伐採作業 tree trimming
 学内の工事に伴い木(カイズカイブキ2本 樹齢45年)を伐採することになったが、伐採に必要な予算節約のため伐採をお願いされた。学生と朝活の時間を利用して伐採し、薪ストーブの燃料にすることにした。カイズカイブキは表面の形状が入り組んでいて、樹皮に砂などが入り込んでいるので、地面近くを伐採するとチェーンソーの刃が直ぐにダメになる。一本を倒すとチェーンソーの刃にヤスリを掛けないと切れなくなった。

It is necessary to cut down two Kaizukaibuki 45 years trees due to the construction of ANCT campus, I was asked the job because of budget shortfalls needed for logging.
It cut down with the students using the time of morning activity, and decided to use fuel for a wood stove. Since the form of the bark of Kaizukaibuki is complex, sand etc. have entered into the bark, and shortly after cutting down near of the ground, the edge of chain saw becomes useless. Whenever it cuts down one tree, it is necessary to rub the edge of chain saw with file.


The wood-chopping practice materials have prepared in this season. "First of all, I will show a sample."

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-02-05 17:10 | 薪ストーブ
芦刈 Cutting reed

We went to collect reed which become the roof material of bit house at Onaka Site to Kako Big Irrigation Pond. 20 students participated from ANCT.
The Museum of Irrigation Pond in Inamino which conserve irrigation pond environment and The Hyogo Woods Club which conserve Satoyama, the support volunteer group archaeological club of Hyogo prefectural archaeological museum which maintain historic relics, and ANCT are undertaking this project. 4 pit houses have been built already.
A lot of manpower need to collect reed of roofing materials.


Dancing all together "The fortune Cookie to love" of AKB48 that will be promotion movie of Hyogo prefectural archaeological museum was taken on that day.The Students are upbeat.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-29 13:12 | ため池
手作り誕生日プレゼント Hand made birthday present

I made Sambucus Wand for 10th birthday present of second son who likes the magic wand used in Harry Potter . Material used oak tree and deformed it somewhat more thickly so that it might not break, even if it treated violently. A thing like the mystic words written on the white portion which was confirmed with YouTube.
Using graver was fan. When I have gotten home, son has welcome with the mystic words of magic.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-27 18:01 | 父親・夫として
無電力生ゴミ堆肥化装置 Non electric power garbage compostier
 発明した技術が世の中に出て行くには長く険しい道のり(死の谷とも呼ばれる)がある。特に大学等からの特許は実用化されるまでに時間がかかる。中山一郎著「大学からの技術移転における特許の役割について, 季刊企業と法創造」によると2002年時点で技術移転機関( TLO )の実績では,出願件数が 1,335 件、実施許諾件数が349件だそうだ。商品化されただけでもラッキーだと思う。

The composting equipment (Inventor: Toshihiro Hiraishi, Patentee: The New Industry Research Organization (NIRO)) applied for a patent at December 25, 2001, and which acquired the patent in 2008. Non electric power garbage composting equipment "Gunta Kun" developed with the patent that have been sold by Eco Flower and Green Network CO., LTD.
There is a steep long way (called Death Valley) to the invented technology commercialized in the real world. Especially the patent from a university etc. will require time, before being put in it.
Technology transfer organizations (TLO) applied for patents number is 1,335 but licensing number is 349 of 2002, that is said, "About the role of patents in technology transfer from University, Law and Society quarterly enterprise" by Ichiro Nakayama. I think that is lucky to have been commercialized. The same as children who become independent after being commercialized, I want to watch while cheering.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-25 20:37 | 堆肥化
活火山? Active volcano?

There are several days when temperature become below freezing point in Akashi in winter. Steam is reaching from top of the mountain of the compost in ACNT campus in the morning.
Although appearance can be seen like smoke, since moisture content is 50% or more and temperature is 65℃, vapor is generated and touched with cold open air, it is become below at dew point temperature. Inside the compost, microbe is actively at cold winter.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-24 15:09 | 堆肥化

The trees (Kaizuka, Bayberry) cut down in ACNT campus were carried in the stock yard.
Wooden trunks and branches are cut in the size included in a wood stove for burning. Cutting branches in the size included in a wood stove requires time and effort.
It is carrying out by human-wave tactics.


When there are too many branches, these are deposited and eaten by Drone beetle to decompose. If these are loaded so that Drone beetle's larva can eat, a compost layer about 10 cm thick is made in one year.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-20 19:14 | 薪ストーブ
鹿の角 antler
 お餅を食べ過ぎたので、運動をしようと和歌山の実家周辺を散歩していると、ご近所の庭先に鹿の角が置いてあった。子どもたちが見ていると、おばんさんが鹿の角をくれた。 この鹿の角は田んぼで拾ったそうだ。この地域も、鹿が増えすぎて農作物が荒らされて困っている。

When we took a walk around parents' home in Wakayama order to exercise because of rice cake was overeaten, the antlers of deer was put on a neighboring yard. When children were looking these, a lady gave the antlers.
She said that the antlers were gathered by the rice field.
The deer of this area increase too much, agricultural products are damaged.
"Wizard and Sentokun" a short performance of eldest daughter and second son.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-06 18:07 | 父親・夫として
冬休みの工作 Work in winter vocation
 次男のブームは「トーマス」「こびとづかん」と流れ、最近 「ハリーポッター」ブームがやってきた。ハリーポッターが使っている箒を作りたいというので、和歌山の実家に帰った時に作ることになった。

The second son's boom had flowed with "Thomas" and "Kobitozukan". Now, "Harry Potter" boom is caming. When we returned to my parents' home in Wakayama, we made the broom, because he would like to make the broom which Harry Potter is using.
The tree (Nezigi) curved in a nice fitting curved is cut down in a mountain, and the bark of a chsen palm tree is bundled.

He have played with the broom in the world of imagination. He can fly with the broom if short distance.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2014-01-06 08:23 | 父親・夫として
スルメ Dried Cuttlefish

The dried cuttlefish got from NPO which was working together at Tohoku stricken area was brought back to Wkayama, and roasted and ate with the hibachi.
It looked back upon the occurrences in 2013, baiting a dried cuttlefish.
It passed in twinkling of eye.


# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-31 18:10 | その他
レンコン堀大会  Digging lotus root tournament

I participated in digging lotus root tournament of Nishijima irrigation pond with 11 students. Long boots, long gloves, shovels and hoes for lotus root ditches, and buckets were carried with human trailer to Nishijima irrigation pond.


The places dug last year are puddles, so lotus root is not in puddles. There are lotus roots in the place with lotus withered stalk without puddles.
How to dig lotus root are showed in following.

1.Dig a hole of 50 ~ 60cm depth which you can be in it.
2.Create a dike to prevent water of puddle with soil dug.
3.Widen the hole in the side to hit the lotus root.
4.Go to expand the hole along the lotus root.
The lotus root digging needs physical strength match.

There will also supply oxygen to the effect of sediment soil by digging. If you could use sludge for fertilize, it is ideal.


We entered in lotus moat tournament to compete length of the edible portion, and Mr. N had got 5kg rice in second place. I have missed the championship. Next year, let's aim to win.

There is also a saying that thanksgiving to the people of working for conservation ponds, and it is continuing. I ate a baked sweet potato and tempura lotus root. The lotus root is different type of commercial, and thin, but the lotus root is delicious and tenacity.


It's fun digging lotus root tournament if possible by implanting the lotus root also Eigashima dish pond. Because Trachemys scripta eat all buds of lotus, it is necessary to reduce the number of Trachemys scripta before implanting the lotus root.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-23 19:34 | ため池
江井ヶ島地区ため池ワークショップ Eigashima irrigation ponds workshop 

It has been seven years since the preservation activities of Eigasima irrigation ponds were begun. Compared with the situation of irrigation ponds which blue-green algae occurred and bad smell had generated, it has improved now and reed and bulrush which transplanted to the irrigation pond grew thick.


When students enter into the group of irrigation pond administrator with many elderly people, it will become the atmosphere of grandfather and grandchild, the atmosphere will be softened. By participating in a workshop, the student can know the difference in the view between generations, and the present condition of irrigation ponds.


I would like to realize at least one idea which came out in the workshop by ourselves, without requiring of governmental agency.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-22 19:41 | ため池
第2回高砂海浜公園をゆる〜く語る会 2nd meeting discussed about future of Takasago Seaside Park

2nd meeting discussed about future of Takasago Seaside (Mukoujima park) was opened in the old private house "Takasagoya" at Ginza shopping center in Takasago Takasago-cho yesterday (December 11th). This time, 4 fourth grader students and 1 fifth grade student were participated.


The conclusion first of 1th meeting and the feasibility study of the last proposal are explained first of all. Then, the idea was shared by the world cafe system about "what park of Mukoujima park and its circumference aim at future"


25 participants leave memos on the paper and turn around four tables. Since there are many opinions referred to as making young people like to gather in the Mukoujima park, it is useful that the students feeling can be reflected. It is a good stimulus that discussed with people of different age and position also for students.


After the meeting, we looked around Takasagoya. Since there was no insulation on the roof, it is the foppish space but it seems to be hot in summer.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-12-12 07:47 | 教師の仕事

    平石年弘   明石高専建築学科教授 クライマー 父親・夫としての体験記
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