ツリーハウス  Tree House

I went to 1st Tree House of "100 Tree Houses" which is made by Mr. K who had been improved temporary house with me. The 1st tree house was made in the woods near the hiking trail to Mt. Tokusenjo.


The photograph is a view from the approach to the 1st tree house. The scraps of old elementary school are used and it is tasteful.


The photograph is 2st tree house under construction. Making a tree house seems to be fun. If near to Akashi, I will go to construct tree houses with students, but it is far.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-28 19:12 | 旅の記憶
小泉川(津谷川) の鮭  Salmons at Koizumi River (Tsuya River)
 活動報告会開催日の早朝、NPO法人アプカスの現地拠点から近い小泉川(津谷川) に鮭の遡上を見に行った。学生のころ、カナダで鮭が遡上する躍動感に感動した覚えが有ったので是非見ておきたかった。

Early morning of Activity Report Meeting, I went to see the run-up of salmons at Koizumi River (Tsuya River) from the site of APCAS.
I wanted to watch the run-up of salmons because I remember the sight of salmons swimed upstream which was impressed by the sense of life in Canada, when I was a student.


There were many dead salmon which have ascended also to such a narrow waterway.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-28 18:25 | 旅の記憶
ネイチャーインダストリーアワード Nature Industry Award

I've been a poster presentation at Osaka Science and Technology Center-sponsored Nature industry award.
Scale was larger than I expected and there were 48 posters from the whole country.
A suit does not suit me.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-21 17:20 | 教師の仕事
高砂海浜公園のアオサの堆肥化 2nd Sea lettuce composting of Takasago Seaside Park

The 2nd Sea lettuce composting of Takasago seaside park was carried out on November 16 following August 17.
The event was performed by cleaning of the seashore and the set of sweep seine experience, and sea lettuce was collected.


By moving in the inside of the bay by the fisherman's boat, and investigated sea lettuce.
Sea lettuce only remains in the deepest place, and the quantity of sea lettuce was decreasing fairly compared with the period last year.


The harvested Sea lettuce was so little about 200kg this time, we decided to compost in the same location as the last time. First, the sea lettuce compost was moved to make open the space.


We spread the sea lettuce of about 70kg in each layer.


Because temperature has fallen, in order to increase calorific value, 1 kg of rice bran is sprinkled.


After rice bran is sprinkled, compost will be putted until sea lettuce was covered.
This is repeated 3 times.


The farmer was impressed that the good compost was made.


Finally compost was covered by the sheet to avoid rain. Sheet has a gap and compost to not inhibit breathability.


We thought that sea lettuce was the same amount as last time, 13 students had participated in this event, but sea lettuce was small amount, and we had worked in a short time. Cheers for good job of all students.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-17 15:14 | 堆肥化
2013年薪ストーブシーズン Wood stove season in 2013

Because temperature dropped suddenly from yesterday, It was begun with the wood stove to burn firewood from November 12th, two days earlier than last year.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-12 14:16 | 薪ストーブ
クリーンキャンペーン in 江井ヶ島谷池 Cleaning in Eigashima Irrigation Pond

Clean campaign was performed in Eigashima Irrigation Pond on Sat., November 9th , and 12 students participated. The local companies and residents were also called to and participants increased in number.


In winter season, Eigashima North Dish Pond, Eigashima South Dish Pond, and Valley Pond are dried in a three-year cycle. Eigashima Valley Pond is dried this year. The garbage at bottom of the pond is gathered.


Various garbage such as bicycles and fire extinguishers were dumped.


Harvest of today.


After cleaning, the students received baked sweet potato and tea.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-10 21:52 | ため池
堆肥の温度 The temperature of compost

The temperature of compost has reached 60 ℃ - 65 ℃ of an optimum in 3 days after kitchen garbage and bagasse tableware of College festival composted.
Even if too low, even if too high, decomposition rate falls, and if too high, smell will also occur.

Temperature is adjusted by ingredient of materials to mix, draft quantity (cavity and pipe), and volume of compost. Since it changes with materials of compost, experience is required.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-08 17:50 | 堆肥化
第2回アカミミガメ捕獲作戦 2nd Turtle capture

Since Kaibori on 10th March and 1st Trachemys scripta capture on 20th August also still three are many numbers of Trachemys scripta , nine students participated in the makeup holiday day of College festival on November 6, and it held the 2nd Trachemys scripta capture.
The students pull up the traps which are sat up by officer of East Harima Resident office on the previous day.


It is said that beginning of spring and beginning of autumn are best season for capturing Trachemys scripta.
Since temperature has also fallen for a while, I was worried to cannot catch Trachemys scripta before sow the traps, but it was a big haul.


Students learned how to recognize the sex of Trachemys scripta and Chinemys reevesii from Ms. Nishihori of Conservation Japnese Tortoise.


After classifying into Trachemys scripta and Chinemys reevesii, shell length, weight, and sex are recorded.


Chinemys reevesii is maked a small hole in shell and returns to the pond so that it may recognized to be measured.
Although Chinemys reevesii was carried from Asia Continent in Edo period, since it has not bred like Trachemys scripta, it has not been considered as extermination.


It is possible to be able to have taken directly from the pharyngeal mucosa, total excretion mouth mucosa oxygen hibernating in water, was dissolved in water, to live in the land and water both. It can live longer than 30 years. It is impressive and amazing for me.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-07 13:13 | ため池
バガスの堆肥化  Composting bagasse tableware

The tableware is unified into bagasse tableware which made with marc of sugarcane at Akashi National College of Technical School Festival.
“To Akashi National College of Technical School Festival which considered the future of earth” It may be slightly exaggerated, but it is cool, isn’t it.


Although the price is doubled compared with form polystyrene tableware, if the decommissioning cost of garbage is added, using bagasse tableware will become economically cheap.
The composting work of bagasse tableware and kitchen garbage was composted with the member of the festival executive committee on the next day following the festival.
It covers with bagasse tableware on the pipe for air rations and rice bran is sprinkled in order to urge generation of heat.


Bagasse tableware is loaded repeating the work which sprinkles compost.


The kitchen garbage was put into 4th layer and 3rd layer.
If it is only a pineapple, it is a good smell, but it is complicate if the smell of seaweed is mixed. Since the kitchen garbage has much calorific value, rice bran is not needed.


Finally the compost was put upwards and work was ended. Thank you for everything festival executive committee had done.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-11-04 16:33 | 堆肥化
煙突掃除 Chimney sweeping

After the typhoon No. 27 went away, temperature has fallen and it has become autumn like. The chimney swept for the 7th wood stove season yesterday and today. It is begun to burn a wood stove even in warm area Akashi late November every year.
Soon, although it is also a wood-chopping season, the materials of firewood have not been arrived yet this year.
If there were felling trees, such as roadside trees, in near Akashi, I would like you to know. While there are firewood stock for two years, my arm will become blunt if I don`t chop woods.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-31 18:25 | 薪ストーブ
松葉&アオサ堆肥 Pine needle & Sea lettuce compost

The composting method of sea lettuce has been studied from two years before.
We developed how the laminated structure of sea lettuce and return compost, and insertion of pipes with holes can compost at once.
As a next subject, many pine needles on the seashore where sea lettuce is launched can be used for the material of compost, it is inquiring.
Although it turned out that inhibiting germination occurs by the allelopathy effect of pine needle by the experiment last year, in order to know whether it will continue however, the cultivation experiment was conducted using the fine compost which decomposition followed.
Three kinds, Mizuna, Chinese cabbage, and Crown daisy, were planted. The left 3 row are pine needle & sea lettuce compost and the right 3 row are weeds compost of under photograph. Although planted simultaneously, the sprout of left 3 row is clearly overdue, and there are few sprouts.
If it buds, it turns out in the experiment that it grows up well last year, but a description is needed if pine needles are used for compost.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-26 09:44 | 堆肥化
エコロジカル農園の畝たて The trough of Ecological framing

Time has passed while residue summer vegetables were delayed, I had to prepare the field, and sow the seeds of winter vegetables earlier. Summer vegetables could be grown well at nontillage no-trough field with less rain in the summer of Akashi. However, although winter vegetables were made at nontillage no-trough field in the winter of last year, since the vegetables which the moisture content of the ground increases too much and rot came out, the troughs were made this year.
The compost is added every year, so there are much organic matters in the ground, the part of soil is white with the bacillus of mushroom “Chlorophyllum molybdites” which appears in rich soil.


# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-24 17:28 | 菜園
四国仁淀川水系 Rock Climbing in Niyodo River

I was invited to Shikoku climbing tour which one night, two days from Mr.O. It consented by the prompt answer. If I use only computers at the laboratory and not play in nature every day, I will become a useless animal.
As for the members, Koban, his son, Mr.O, Yokochan and Okakaman joined at Omogo River. I was looking forward to the nap and bouldering in beautiful nature.
We had tried the slab problem and the mantle problem of White Dolphin Rock, all members cannot climb, but the mantle problem can be climbed by Koban who is upgraded.



The river water is clear and it is beautiful.


We moved to Niyodo River and tried the overhang problem except me. Only Okakaman was succeed. I presumed a nap.

中津渓谷の「ゆの森温泉」でお風呂と食事を済ませ、キャンプ場に移動する。キャンプ場は山の中で気温が低く寒いので、Mr.Oが持ってきたBio Liteで暖を取る。Bio Liteを初めて使ったが、温度が上がれば煙が出ないので人が近寄れ調理や暖房に使える。ファンの電源はサーモモジュール(ペルチェ素子)で自己発電し、火力もあるので、小枝さえあれば調理に使える。USBコネクターから充電もでき防災用品として持って来いだ。

We took the bath and dinner at Yunomori Hot Spring of Nakatsu Ravine, and moved to a campsite.
Since temperature was low in the mountain, It got warm by Bio Lite which Mr.O brought.
Since smoke will not come out if oven temperature goes up, people can approach and it can use for cooking or heating. The heat from the fire generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan creating airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the USB port for charging devices.


We went to area with Nuribotoke Problem on second day. After I succeed 4th class problem, although I tried the 1st class problem that is likely to climb somehow by technic not power. I was defeated and got a nap.


This river was also beautiful. For climber, rock resources lie unexploited still more in Niyodo River.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-14 11:01 | クライミング
スリランカカレー  Sri Lanka Curry

I had eaten Curry in two weeks every day in Sri Lanka, September. There is no choice other than to curry taste. Although it is delicious, since it is taste hot and much quantity, after week is taken, my stomach had given up. After one week, I ate curry at lunch and ate a banana at supper. Since it mixed directly by hand and ate, there was always the smell of curry in the right fingertip.
 Even if I did not want to eat curry for the time returned from Sri Lanka, I would like to eat curry after passed one month.
Is it "Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms."?

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-11 19:35 | 旅の記憶
2ヶ月放置雑草 the weeds neglected for two months

Although the weeds had been mowed in June every year and composted before the examination in the end of the first term, the weeds which of mowing in the end of July was neglected during the summer vacation this year.
It seems that there is little calorific value compared with the weeds collected one week after cutting since decomposition also progressed a little and nutritive substance has escaped from the weeds neglected for two months.


If a quantity like this weeds is piled up, it will exceed 60 ℃ easily, but the temperature has stopped at 40 ℃.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-11 16:32 | 堆肥化
高砂海浜公園をゆる〜く語る会 1th meeting which talked about Takasago Seaside Park liberally

“1th meeting which talked about Takasago Seaside Park liberally" was held in the appeal of NPO Citizen Seeds on October 1th.
Since it is concerned by composting of sea lettuce in Takasago Seaside Park from two years before and "The fusion project of local contribution, education and research" of the Akashi National College of Technical has started this year, it has participated with four students.
Many participants are younger than me in this meeting, in contrast with old persons in case of irrigation ponds meeting, and the participants were over 20 persons.
They had spoken actively, who have participated social activity in Takasago City.
Although I did not know, I was surprised at the height of the citizen participation level of Takasago. I think that it had influence good for the students.
As a future schedule, correcting and 2nd composting of sea lettuce are performed in the Takasago Seaside Park on November 16.
The compost was making with 1.5 tons of sea lettuce composted last time on August 17 that will be reused to make compost again.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-06 10:40 | 教師の仕事
地域材を使った椅子 Hand made Chairs with local wood

  The chairs assembled the parts which Akashi National College of Technology and Kobe City College of Technology students made at disaster prevention leader training in Kesennuma this summer. These were used to the festival of Kesennuma Motoyoshi-cho Koizumi Hachiman shrine. These will be used for many years after this.
Students had been cutting, drilling holes, and sanderling credit of the component which exists 1,000 or more. It supports to such simple work which does not come out in a front stage, and the world is moving by these kinds of jobs.


# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-02 12:16 | 被災地・国際支援
朝活再開 Activity before Lecture

The 2nd term of the Akashi National College of Technical started today. Morning activity was simultaneously resumed from today and ten seminar students participated except for one student who is attending the ceremony of getting job.
Composting progressed during the summer vacation, weeds were cut, and morning work has accumulated.
The weeds carried from the dormitory garden and sea lettuce compost were moved today.


# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-10-01 12:50 | 堆肥化
稲刈 Rice harvesting at terrace paddy
実家の和歌山に子供たちを連れて稲刈りに行ってきた。 稲を掛ける前のハゼで鉄棒遊び、私も子供の頃にこれをやって遊んだ。

I had gone back to the parents' home in Wakayama prefecture with my sons for rice reaping. My sons like to play iron bar play the bar before hanged rice. I also did play this in my childhood.


Since a tire of rice reaping machine blew out, we had to cut by hand. The works are divided by old mother, eldest son, second son, and me, to harvest rice on one and half terrace paddy field.
Eldest son and I had cut 3 rice tocks, 3times by a sickle and bundled.


Second son carried the bundles of rice to the place of bar hanging rice.


Rice harvesting repeats the same operation. It will get bored, if it is done alone, but work is done by four persons, 4tims speed and pleasant.


The rice dried in sunlight is delicious.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-28 19:49 | 父親・夫として

The winged bean was grown for the first time this year. After two weeks which had gone to Sri Lanka, many beans are carried out.
Although the sections of a star fruit are five angles, the winged bean is four angles as the name. When it sees by three dimensions, it is strange form, but when it sees by two dimensions, it is visible to a leaf. It is my imagination; the beans mimic the leaves so that they are hiding from animal to eat.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-27 18:07 | 菜園

  My wife found nine babies of Trachemys scripta, when she had dug sweet-potato with children in the field nearby Terayama irrigation pond. There were also husks of eggs, since there would be born recently.
  It breeds with this vigor, we have exterminated in irrigation ponds, unless it continues extermination for a long period of time, an effect will not come out.
  Trachemys scripta is specified as invasive alien species worst 100 of Japan by the Ecological Society of Japan. These are cannot released, although these are lovely and guiltless. It is troublesome.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-26 19:39 | 生物
講演会 Lecture
 スリランカに行っていた間に溜まっていた仕事を片付けつつ、午前中は会議、午後は明石高専技術講演会“生物系有機物(生ごみ、落葉、雑草、海藻など)の堆肥化方法 - 無電力、無攪拌で微生物を活性化させるには ― ”が、明石市立産業交流センターであり、90分間お話をしてきた。

 I had finished off the work which had accumulated while had been in Sri Lanka, and had a meeting in the morning.
 In the afternoon, I gave a technical lecture of Akashi National College of Technology which is “Composting method of Organic Matters (kitchen garbage, fallen leaves, weeds, seaweed, etc.) at Akashi Municipal Industrial Exchange Center.
 I wondered which companies are interesting to hear this content, however some people made technical questions. Business has begun also by this field.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-25 18:16 | 教師の仕事
私は怪しいのでしょうか? I wonder what so suspicious?

Before I left my luggage with the airline at Colombo airport to return to Japan, I had stopped by an officer and had been persistent questions, the purpose of coming to SriLanka, how much currency do you have?, such as personal belongings. I remembered that Srilankan are a little weak to the authority of my experience in Sri Lanka, and I showed a business card and said, "I'm a professor" I said. It was effective.
I've never seen a teacher, and it might have seen an old athlete, but I wonder what so suspicious?
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-24 19:24 | 旅の記憶
ゴミ対策 Solid Waste Management
 昨日午前中は、日本に研修に行って帰ってきたばかりのColombo市役所のゴミ担当部局のトップに会って、今後のゴミ対策について話をする。ゴミ対策が必要だと思っているが、市独自では予算もマンパワーも無いと言うのが本音のようだ。3R(reduce, reuse, recycle)を実施するモデル地区を選定することはできるが、市が音頭をとって実践に移すのは難しいようだ。

In the morning yesterday, we had discussed about waste management with the director of Solid Waste Management in Colombo Municipal Council, who just came back from Japan. It seems to be she thought the need for something to do, but the real intention to say budget and manpower as well as non-proprietary. It is possible to select a model district to carry out 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), but it is difficult to be proactive by Municipal Council.



In the afternoon, I made out a composter cheaper more than the last model. 20 ℓ recycling bucket was purchased at Rs.225 at a waste container shop. I drilled holes for ventilation on the bottom of the bucket, and wrapped a triple insulation sheet, and covered by lid with holes. Total budget is Rs.500 (375 yen).
Core temperature of the composter was increased to 43 ℃, which is putted 1kg kitchen garbage yesterday. The temperature will go up 60 ℃ to put 2kg - 3 kg .


 スリランカでは多くの廃品が商品になっている。人件費も安いので、日本よりリサイクルした廃品の行先は多いだろう。 あとは、分別収集して残ってくる可燃ごみのエネルギー利用ができるセメント工場や火力発電所を探す必要がある。

It would be effective to compost daily garbage of about 50kg in the community depending on the location. Temperature is high in Sri Lanka, so it is necessary to pay attention to the oxygen supply by gravity ventilation.
Waste is recycled easier than Japan, because many recycle goods are sold and labor costs is cheap. After, there is a need to look for thermal power plants and cement factories that can be energy use of combustible waste coming left to the separate.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-23 20:14
Kaduwela市のゴミ処理 Garbage separation site of Kaduwela
 最終日、国際連合人間居住計画のスリランカ事務所の方と一緒にKaduwela市ゴミの分別サイトの調査に行く。この市は ダンピングサイトの使用が裁判で禁止され、2年前からこの取組を始めた。


Last day, we surveyed the garbage separation site of Kaduwela with a person of Sri Lanka office of United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Used Dumping site is prohibited by court, this city started this initiative two years ago.
The city has been collecting garbage from about 80% of the 110 000 households, population is 250,000, 20% former household have handle by themself on the outskirts. Garbage is collected daily, 82-85 tons / day, about 60%, 50 tons biological organic waste (garbage), composting capacity is 20 tons a day in this site. Because it, 30 tons garbage have taken to composting site of Kolonnawa at Rs.500 / t. Total disposal budget is said that Rs.5,000,000 / month.

ダンプされた生ごみは一輪車でコンポストサイトに運ばれ、幅2m 高さ1m積み上げられる。戻し堆肥を混ぜていないので、含水率が80%はあるだろう。これでは、堆肥化速度が遅い。

Only two types separation are garbage and other (plastic bottles, cans, plastic, paper, cloth, not burn items, etc.) are collected by one truck has a partition on the back.


The compost is remixed 6 times at every week in month and half, it is separated into mixed waste compost and fine compost over the rotary sieve.


Mixed waste and coarse compost had been dumped out of the site. If the coarse compost is mixed to garbage, composting speed are increased, through ventilation and moisture are improved.


Worker are employed, there is no motivation, unlike people who had made living by scavenging in the dump site of Kolonnawa, Most waste are sent to the dump site of Kolonnawa.


Total amount of compost sale at Rs.25.000 / month, in comparison Rs.500, 000, of composting costs. Recognition of organic farming seems to be low in Sri Lanka. Will need to add value as organic produce as refuse disposal, and distribute the compost free to farmers, as well as get to know the usefulness of compost.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-22 22:46 | 被災地・国際支援




We are planning that a devastation tea plantation land to agro-forest in Bowlana. Now, lemongrass similar to Japanese silver grass is only growing on the land. We are aiming for utilization the production of pasture, wood fuel, and fruit for residents, like “Satoyama” system. The agro-forest is consists of three parts: live face, buffer zone of pasture and forest, we plan the following steps:
1.Gliricidia sepium (:just say Gliricidia) is planted on the contour and planted C3 grass in the meantime. Gliricidia grow in wasteland since it is a kind of legume, fixed nitrogen which is possible to plant a branch just to insert the hole of 20 cm deep with a stick of iron. After 1 year or 2 year in this state, can be used as a feeding ground for livestock, it is not grazed.
2.Gliricidia will to become shade after three years from planting, organic layer is stacked on the top soil then we plant the useful trees and native trees on top of the mountain, we leave buffer zoon as a feeding ground on bottom of land. We aim to improve the water-holding capacity, and supply of nutrients and organic substance by creating by forest at the top.
3.Wild pineapple with thorns and live fence of Gliricidia are planted around the land to prevent the intrusion of wild animal. Also to be carried out wildfire, planting hemp containing a large amount of moisture.
There is a small valley in the middle of the land, it is will change the vegetation of the area.

It is scheduled to get planting by the hands of residents to be beneficiaries, but would be interesting even if tourists and volunteers planting from Japan. There are devastated lands of everywhere in the mountains of Sri Lanka. These efforts will hopefully, it will become a model of land recovery practice in the future.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-20 00:56 | 被災地・国際支援
サウ(ホットタピオカ)Sau:Hot sweet tapioca
 街角の屋台でサウ(ホットタピオカ 40ルピー)を売っていたので、飲んでみた。スリランカ人に作り方を聞くと、茹でたタピオカを温めたココナツミルクに入れ、砂糖、塩少々、カルダモン、レーズン、カシューナッツを入れると出来るそうだ。アーユベーダをしているスタッフに聞くと熱い飲物だが、体を冷やしてくれるそうだ。粘性が高いので対流が起きず冷めにくいので、飲み終わると汗をかく。

Sau(Hot tapioca Rs.40) was selling at food cart on the street corner in Pettah market. When you drink Sau, it is hard to cool down, because of convection not occur, viscosity is high. It builds up in the stomach, rather than a dessert. It will be a meal.
I asked a Sri Lankan Sau recipe, that boil tapioca is placed in coconut milk, then put sugar, a little bit salt, cardamom, raisins, cashew nuts. Guesthouse staff said who work with Ayurveda, “It is a hot drink, but it makes your body cooler.”

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-19 22:44 | 旅の記憶

I found a shop that sells Raa(Palm wine) and asked to stop the car, when we drove through a coconut plantation. I had heard about Raa and my curiosity had been getting bigger. I ordered 1 cup of Raa (Rs 50) and steamed cassava (Rs 20) for snacks.
It was fermented by adding yeast and sugar in coconut juice early in the morning. When it was afternoon, alcohol concentration was also up to about 6% fermentation is progressing, but it was a little oxidation even begun. Taste like mixed with coconut juice, yogurt and beer removed the bitter taste.
My Japanese friend tried to drank it, but they could not drink. It is OK for me.

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-19 14:00 | 旅の記憶

When I had taken a meeting in Colombo, it's all right to hearing and getting used to English accent of Srilankan, but the English word did not come out of my mouth. I think I'll keep increasing the opportunity to speak English in Japan.
 At first, let's start writting composition with English in this blog.
# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-19 05:37 | 被災地・国際支援
  Deltotaに行く予定だったが予定を変更して、SriLankaのローカルNGO SEVANATHAにMatale Townで行っている生ごみの堆肥化事業について情報収集に行く。この町を選んだ理由は過去のプロジェクトで関係があり、町が協力的であったことと、小さい町であることが理由だそうだ。
NGOの副代表と話したが、スリランカの大学の先生は上から目線で行動しないNATO(No Action Talking Only)と嘆いておられた。

# by ecoism-toshi | 2013-09-18 22:37 | 被災地・国際支援

    平石年弘   明石高専建築学科教授 クライマー 父親・夫としての体験記
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